Since 2006 Brockman Homes has offered an innovative and professional approach to home renovations. From kitchens and baths to whole home renovation projects, we can transform any room in your home or your entire home. Call us today and begin the process towards living every day in a home you love.

Planning & Design

In every construction project, planning is a critical step. Everything to be done should be based on careful and well thought-out decisions. This step is not only the least costly, but the most important. We make every effort to ensure your job and renovation plan is as well prepared as possible avoiding expensive changes and a lengthier job. A well organized and efficiently scheduled plan ensures your project runs smoothly providing the end result you desire, on time and on budget.

Basement Development

Todays basement are no longer a dark, dreary space for storage. With the cost of housing increasing every day, the most practical answer to a space shortage is often to add tailored living space by finishing the basement of a home. Whether it’s a new living room, home theatre room, guest room, home gym / spa or a home office, we can help you make your finished basement ideas come to life. Not sure what you want in a finished basement other than more living space? We will be happy to help and provide lots of finished basement ideas to get your imagination going.

Whole Home Renovations

Whole Home renovations usually encompass many areas of the home, as extensive as totally removing all of a homes interior finishes down to the framing while others keep some of the homes original components (drywall, flooring, trim work, etc.) Typically, most whole home renovations involve at least the kitchen and bathrooms as well as improvements to other areas of the home including basements, laundry rooms, bedrooms, and other areas. Whatever the extent of a whole home renovation, we can provide all the services required to transform your spaces into your new dream home with finishes and upgrades that exceed your expectations.

Kitchen Renovations

Looking to completely remodel your kitchen? Our team can help you create a space that’s functional to work in, comfortable to relax in and inspiring to entertain in. Today’s kitchens are not just functional, but rather the “centerpiece of the home” and the place where everyone wants to spend time together. With a balance of function, flow and aesthetics, the perfect kitchen provides a comfortable space to eat breakfast, make lunch, see to homework, share snacks, prepare dinners, and share the highlights of your day over coffee or a glass of wine. Because of its importance in your home, it makes sense to invest in a kitchen remodel that reflects your personal tastes and lifestyle. We will guide you through every step of your remodel process from layout and design to kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances and flooring options giving you the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms should be a place of peace and tranquility, functional yet distinctive. We will provide you with numerous choices in colors, styles and functionality, allowing us to turn your bathroom into something that is not only beautiful, but also a reflection of your personality. In addition, more and more people considering a bathroom redesign are discovering the simple luxury of a spa-like bathroom in their homes. We excel at creating bathroom environments that stimulate the senses while providing an invigorating start to the morning and a relaxing retreat as the day draws to a close. Luxurious surfaces, stylish yet functional fixtures, heated tile floors, audio/video enhancements and rich cabinetry are just a few of the options we employ to create a spectacular spa-like bathroom design.